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ACP Problem Solving in Oncology Webinar on Breast Cancer

Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP) Problem Solving in Oncology Webinar on Breast Cancer

For ACP trainees and members, this webinar presents the latest in breast cancer treatment. Two leading clinicians offer perspectives and answer questions on advanced breast cancer and early breast cancer, then comment on two case studies presented by trainees. 
1. Advanced Breast Cancer –progress in TNBC, ER-positive and HER2-positive disease - Dr Alicia Okines
2. Early Breast Cancer SACT Updates - Dr Judy King
3. Case Study: Balancing palbociclib toxicity with advanced breast cancer complications – a vicious cyclin to break - Dr Florence Chamberlain
4. An Unexpected Pregnancy in a Woman With Metastatic Breast Cancer - Dr Rachel Broadbent

Sarcoma - ACP Problem Solving In Oncology Webinar Series

Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP) Problem Solving in Oncology Webinar on Breast Cancer

Two presentations by experts in the field of sarcoma are followed by three cases presented by trainees, and discussed by the team. This specialist field is explored and provides an overview of value to practitioners and trainees in oncology.
1 - Sarcoma – The Basics – Dr Adam Dangoor
2 - Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Clinical Trials Update – Dr Charlotte Benson
Case 1. Metastatic Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour with a PDGFRA exon 18 D842V Mutation – Dr Annie Alves
Case 2. Desmoid Fibromatosis – Benign but Behaving Aggressively – Dr Allie Shipp
Case 3. Getting to the Heart of the Matter- The Management of a Young Patient with a Cardiac Sarcoma – Dr Alex Ostler

Representing and supporting medical oncologists in the UK

The ACP is recognised by the Royal College of Physicians and the Department of Health as the specialty association for medical oncologists. The executive committee is made up of democratically elected clinicians representing the views and concerns of the membership. Membership of the ACP gives medical oncologists an independent voice in the affairs of the Royal College of Physicians, the Joint Collegiate Council for Oncology (JCCO) and the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC), who supervise training and accreditation.

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